Statement on the "Ordinance on the Proof of Electrotechnical Properties of Energy Systems" (in German)
The working group is responsible for coordinating the necessary processes and guidelines in a continuous exchange with the relevant committees and organisations.
System services are services that are necessary in order for the energy grid to function. The operating reserve and idle power to be provided by energy generation systems, among others, are extremely important both technically and economically in order to maintain the frequency and voltage. VDMA Power Systems contributes the expertise of energy generation systems manufacturers to the "dena System Service Platform".
The development of electricity supply systems is shaped by the increasing proportion of variable and local generation. The gradual adaptation of the grid connection rules is resulting in increased requirements for grid connection and conformity certificates for energy generation systems.


Grid integration
Integrating generation systems into the grid is one of the core challenges of the transition to alternative energies. In the Grids working group of the Power Systems Association, manufacturers of generation systems bring together their system expertise and develop feasible solutions in an efficient network of experts.
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