The Power Systems association is responsible for standardization in the field gas and steam turbines at a national level and also coordinates an ISO secretariat. Its activities focus on standardization in the field of steam turbines.

Standardization of steam turbines

In the context of international standardization, standardization activities mainly focus on the following norms developed under the direction of and in collaboration with VDMA:

IEC 60045-1 (1991)
 Steam turbines - Part 1: Specifications

IEC 60953-1 (1990)       
 Rules for steam turbine thermal acceptance tests. Part 1: Method A - High accuracy for large condensing steam turbines

IEC 60953-2 (1990)
 Rules for steam turbine thermal acceptance tests. Part 2: Method B - Wide range of accuracy for various types and sizes of turbines

IEC 60953-3 (2001)
 Rules for steam turbine thermal acceptance tests - Part 3: Thermal performance verification tests of retrofitted steam turbine

IEC 61063 (1991)
 Acoustics - Measurement of airborne noise emitted by steam turbines and driven machinery

IEC 61064 (1991)
 Acceptance tests for steam turbine speed control systems

IEC/TS 61370 (2001)
 Steam turbines - Steam purity

Standardization activities are supported by the Steam Turbine Committee.


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