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Renewed under-subscription in the wind energy: BMWi task list must be improved and implemented immediately
The Federal Network Agency today announced the results of the fifth tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy.
Increase in EEG levy
VDMA Power Systems calls for reform of levies and concessions on energy sources
VDMA Microgrids Workshop on 29 November 2019 in Frankfurt/Main
Decentralised energy supply infrastructures in the form of microgrids are becoming increasingly important for industrial and municipal energy supply.
VDMA joint stand at WindEnergy Hamburg 2020
VDMA Power Systems and the VDMA Working Group Wind Industry are partners of WindEnergy Hamburg. Take advantage of the industry association's special perception and present yourself as a co-exhibitor at the VDMA joint stand.

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VDMA Power Systems today published a study by Prognos AG.
The Federal Network Agency today announced the results of the fifth tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy.
VDMA Power Systems calls for reform of levies and concessions on energy sources
Matthias Zelinger, Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems, comments on the results of the climate cabinet
At the VDMA Press Club on the occasion of HUSUM Wind, the leading national trade fair for the wind industry, manufacturers and suppliers explain their demand for a national action plan for the wind industry.
Supplement to the 10-points-plan of the economic and environmental associations
10-point plan for the revival of wind energy expansion
Wind summit in Berlin: Offshore wind energy industry demands realisation of special contribution of up to 2 GW for offshore wind energy
The stagnating expansion of onshore wind energy is the central topic of the meeting of Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier with numerous industry representatives on Thursday.
The results of the third tender round 2019 for onshore wind energy were announced: fourth undersubscription in a row
Historically low expansion despite very good growth prospects - urgently resolve approval backlog
The german WindGuard published today the expansion figures for offshore wind energy in the first half of 2019 for Germany.
For an industrial country like Germany, a stable power supply is a decisive location factor.
CHP tender: CHP plants could make a greater contribution to closing the capacity gap, but the tender volume is much too small.
Yesterday the Federal Network Agency announced the results of the second tender 2019 for onshore wind energy.
The Onshore Wind Energy Agency (Fachagentur Windenergie an Land) has reported an increase of only 134 megawatts in Germany for the first quarter of 2019.
VDMA Power Systems on the results of the third joint tender for onshore wind and solar projects as well as for the biomass tender
Today at Hanover Fair, VDMA Power Systems presented the results of the member survey "Economic trend in power plant engineering 2019".
The results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind energy this year were published today.
Onshore wind energy - installation figures collapse massively, medium- and long-term perspective must be safeguarded by law immediately
Today in Brussels, the manufacturers of stationary gas turbines organised in the European association EUTurbines, presented a commitment for the future of power generation with renewable gas as part of the campaign #PowerTheEU.
Berlin, 21 January 2019 - Today in Berlin, the most important industry associations present-ed the current figures for offshore wind energy in Germany for the year 2018.
The Collective Energy Act was passed today by the Federal Council. A comment:
An extensive publication of the Onshore Agency (Fachagentur Wind an Land) shows, that the market slump could be more dramatic than expected.
The results of the tender for combined heat and power (CHP) plants and innovative CHP systems for the bid date of 3 December show a mixed picture.
VDMA Power Systems on the results of the second joint tender for onshore and solar wind turbines
The draft bill for the Energy Collection Law has been available since the beginning of November
The coalition parties have agreed on the cornerstones of the energy collection law.
The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) today published the results of the fourth and final round of tenders for onshore wind energy in 2018. The tender for 670 megawatts (MW) was clearly under-subscribed with bids of 363 MW and the average award value was 6.26 ct/kWh.
At tomorrow's session of the Federal Council, the state initiatives of North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg on the future expansion of wind energy will be discussed.
The transmission system operators announced the amount of the EEG levy and offshore grid levy for the year 2019.
Topic of the VDMA Press Club: “How Europe will maintain its leading position in the wind industry”
Publication of current results of the tender for biomass plants
Following the record expansion year 2017 for onshore wind energy in Germany, new installations are declining in 2018 as expected.
Standstill in energy policy must come to an end ‐ German government´s 65 percent target can only be achieved with more offshore wind energy ‐ Current projects up to 2020 are progressing according to plan
The mechanical and plant engineering industry sees today's launch of the Commission "Growth, Structural Change and Employment (WSB)" as an important step towards a stringent climate protection policy.
In view of the standstill in energy policy, the VDMA Power Systems trade association, as a representative of energy plant construction, is calling for the urgent adoption of amendments to energy policy legislation that have already been negotiated.
With much willingness to compromise, the EU institutions were able to reach a final agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive and the so-called Governance Regulation.
The Federal Network Agency has announced the results for the tenders for combined heat and power plants and innovative CHP systems.
VDMA Power Systems members have elected a new Executive Board
Just in time for the upcoming tender in August, the Bundestag decided today, Friday, that a permit according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) is a prerequisite for participation in onshore wind energy projects.
The manufacturers of energy power plants organized in the VDMA demand an immediate adoption of the announced EEG correction.
The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) today published the results of the second call for tender in 2018 for onshore wind energy.
A basic agreement was reached on the EEG's own supply for new plants in the field of combined heat and power (CHP).
The Federal Network Agency today published the approved projects in the second round of tendering for offshore wind energy, amounting to more than 1,610 MW.
The German Bundestag yesterday referred the Bundesrat initiative to change the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) to the economic committee for consultation without debate.
On the occasion of the Hannover Messe, VDMA Power Systems presented the “Power Plant Engineering Economic Trend 2018”. Before the presentation, the Chairman of VDMA Power Systems and CEO of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Dr. Markus Tacke, explained: “The announcements in the coalition contract regarding climate protection and energy transition must now be acted upon, as European plant engineering can only then assert itself as the forerunner of a leading market for energy systems in global competition.”
The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) published the results of the first cross-technology call for tender for onshore wind and solar energy today. For the 200 megawatt (MW) call for tender, 32 bids with a scope of 210 MW for solar plants only were accepted, while the bids submitted for onshore wind power plants were not accepted. The average volume-weighted awarded value is 4.67 ct/kWh.
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