Grid connection and conformity verification for generation systems

Bild: ABB

The development of electricity supply systems is shaped by the increasing proportion of variable and local generation. The gradual adaptation of the grid connection rules is resulting in increased requirements for grid connection and conformity certificates for energy generation systems.

The development of electricity supply systems in Germany over the last few years has been predominantly shaped by the structural change caused by the transition to alternative energies. Adapting the grids to a large proportion of variable, converter-based and local generation has resulted in gradual revision or completely new versions of grid connection rules for the various voltage levels.
As part of this development, generation systems have faced both increased requirements for the grid technology and ever-tougher requirements for certifying adherence to the grid connection rules.

VDMA Power Systems considers a generally recognized body of rules for verifying the conformity of generation systems and the requirements made of them to be necessary and useful – although certificates in line with current practice are only one way to verify conformity.

There are currently no harmonized rules or processes for verifying conformity. The existing directives cannot be applied to every voltage level, nor to different generation technologies. The lack of consistency and clarity in differentiating between the main sub-processes leads to problems such as unnecessary inefficiency and conflicts of interest that remain permanently unresolved.

A cross-sector process needs to be established with the aim of creating a new, harmonized structure of directives. This structure should ensure the most consistent approaches possible for all grid levels and system types, and define alternative processes of equal value for verifying conformity.

Publishing a position paper in 2015, VDMA Power Systems actively initiated open and constructive discussion with all other groups and associations affected. The Association is constantly working to optimize the landscape of directives for grid connection rules and verification of conformity, to make it fit for the future.