VDMA Power Systems: Security of supply decisive for the success of energy transition


For an industrial country like Germany, a stable power supply is a decisive location factor.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) today presented its monitoring report on the security of electricity supply. It assesses the current supply situation and its future development.

Matthias Zelinger, Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems, comments on the results as follows: "The report shows that security of supply in Germany is currently still on solid foundations. The conversion of the energy supply is secured several times and is basically carried out responsibly. With falling energy consumption, the German government is forecasting a secure supply in the medium term as well. But even with this optimistic view, question marks remain. So far, only a few projects - neither power plants nor storage facilities - are known among our members that can serve as back-up in the electricity system and are to be financed from scarcity prices.

In addition to the expansion and conversion of combined heat and power generation, the conversion and modernisation of electricity grids will also reduce bottlenecks and EEG plants will be geared more frequently to more flexible production. In the medium term, however, the market model must allow investments in storage facilities and flexible generation facilities, because a stable electricity supply is a decisive location factor for an industrial country like Germany.”