Call for tenders for onshore wind energy: Politics must wake up and act!


The Federal Network Agency published the results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind energy in 2020.

Today, the Federal Network Agency published the results of the first tender for onshore wind energy in 2020: With bids of only 523 MW the 900 MW tender was clearly undersubscribed, the average award value was 6.18 ct/kWh.

Matthias Zelinger, Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems, comments on the tender result as follows:

"The current result shows that the slightly positive development of the last tender in December 2019 was unfortunately not sustainable. The low expansion figures for onshore wind energy must now finally be overcome - for the benefit of value creation and employment in the industry and for climate protection. We call on politicians to take decisive action!

The task list of the Federal Ministry of Economics has been on the table for four months now. The Federal Government and the Länder are called upon to enable more expansion through rapid measures for faster legal certainty of permits, more available space and greater acceptance. Blanket distance rules are no solution.

The demand for renewable energies is increasing massively due to the industry's requirements for climate-neutral production, sector coupling and hydrogen production. However, the necessary expansion will only be possible with clear political decisions."